Oljemålningar [1]

Artwork in oil. Original canvas paintings of different sizes.

The paintings are made with colours of high quality. All colours have a high degree of permanence.

The basic palette that will answer most of your painting needs consists of just eight tubes of paint: Alizarin Crimson (red that leans toward blue on colour wheel), Cadmium Red Light (Red leaning toward yellow), Cadmium Yellow Light, Ultramarine Blue (leans toward red), and Pthalo Blue (leans toward yellow). Watch the Pthalo Blue, use carefully, it is powerful. I add to this list Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna, both inexpensive and permanent. And of course, white (I use Zinc White). Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson will make a lively black, and you paint will not crack. Off course you can add black if you want it.

Follow this link if you prefer acrylic paintings. Maybe you want to look at some paintings on glass.

Look at mine kiln forming glass fusing.

For gallery owner or similarly take a look at this. The artists CV are available on this page.

On this website there is 3 pages with in total 24 oil paintings.


Kulturhuset Toldkammeret Havnepladsen-1 Helsingör.  

Har antagits till 37 jurybedömda salonger.
I urval:
Kulturcentrum Ronneby, Borås Konstmuseum,
Upplands Väsby Konsthall, Kulturhuset Helsingör.

Oljemålningar på duk i varierande format. Ett urval konstverk från Tomas Nilson´s tidigare produktion. Till målningarna har oljefärg av god artistkvalitet använts för högsta beständighet.

1995 "Akustisk Gitarr"

101x81 cm. Olja

SEK 4 500


1997 "Komposition på beige botten"

92x73 cm. Olja

SEK 5 000

1997 "Rythm"

50x65 cm. Olja

SÅLD (privatperson)


1995 "Brustet Ackord"

101x81 cm. Olja

SEK 4 000

1996 "Elektrisk Gitarr"

101x81 cm. Olja

SEK 4 300


1997 "Tassande ton"

54x73 cm. Olja

SÅLD (privatperson)

1998 "Symfoni"

81x65 cm. Olja

SEK 4 500


1997 "Ljungtoner"

54x73 cm. Olja

SÅLD (privatperson)

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