Akrylpasteller [2]

More artwork in acrylic from the production of the Swedish artist Tomas Nilson. Some of the paintings are in frame with plexiglass and some more exclusive in true glass.

Modern acrylics are great for many reasons, however they are not a replacement for oils but an entirely different medium. Some of the benefits include: they are completely water soluble and require no hazardous solvents, acrylics dry very quickly, they are a very permanent medium that will not crack when dry unless the paint film is frozen, they also offer many new possibilities with all the modern mediums and gels that are not possible in any other medium.

Visit this page if you prefer oil paintings. Perhaps you want to look at some paintings on glass.

Look at mine kiln forming glass fusing.


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Upplands Väsby konsthall

Har haft 45 utställningar på gallerier & konsthallar som Kulturhuset i Jönköping, Länsstyrelsen i Växjö, Galleri Härja Prästgård Tidaholm, Konsthallen Alvesta, Tingshusets foajé Trelleborg, Folkets hus Olofström, Silvénska galleriet, Galleri Gummesons Stockholm.                           

Ytterligare åtta Akryl/Pastell-målningar på papper. Några av målningarna är enkelt inramade i aluminiumramar med plastglas och en del exklusivt med träram och äkta glas.

1997 "Tidvarelse"

69x88 cm. Akryl/Pastell

SEK 4 000


1998 "Zum Zum Zum"

69x88 cm. Akryl/Pastell

SEK 4 000

1999 "Ghosts"

88x69 cm. Akryl/Pastell

SÅLD (konstförening)


1993 "Seglaren"

60x80 cm. Akryl/Pastell

SEK 3 000

2005 "Goodmorning"

69x88 cm. Akryl/Pastell

SEK 5 900


2005 "Lines"

69x88 cm. Akryl/Pastell

SEK 4 000

2005 "Hurra!"

51x69 cm. Akryl/Pastell

SEK 4 900


1997 "Gugglare"

88x69 cm. Akryl/Pastell

SEK 4 000

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